Online Services

To begin using Online Banking, you need to be assigned a PIN. Please contact the Credit Union to begin to access your accounts online.



Online Banking provides members a safe and secure way to access their account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Features Include


• Check Current Account Balance


• View Recent Account Activity


• Make Account Transfers


• Send Secure Messages to the Credit Union


• Set Up Recurring Account Transfers


• Access E-Statements


• Access Mobile Money features



Need help accessing Online Banking for the first time? Follow the steps below.

To enroll, you must contact the Credit Union to obtain a PIN.
STEP ONE: First time Online Banking users must first obtain a PIN to access the system. Then, head to our web site, and click on Online Banking Log In. Then, on the main page (at right) click the ENROLL button.
STEP TWO: Enter your member number and the PIN you received from the Credit Union then scroll to the bottom and agree to the terms and disclosures.

STEP THREE: On the next screen, create your logon ID. This is what you will use to log into the online system. Make sure to read the rules above.

You will then set up a security code, which you'll have to enter twice.
Then enter a couple other pieces of information and click the Submit button.
STEP FOUR: Your enrollment is now complete. To continue onto your account, click the "click here" link.

STEP FIVE: Now you need to set up the security protocols. The first step is to create a passmark ID. This ID will appear each time you log in to your account. Seeing verifies that you are logging into the correct site and not a spoofed or fake site.

There are 1,000's of pictures you can choose from and you have the option to upload your own. The phrase you enter will appear on the picture in the future.

STEP SIX: The next step will be to set up your challenge questions. Select the question you want from the drop down boxes and enter the appropriate answer for all three challenge questions.

*Note = the answers cannot be the same, even if it is the correct answer.

STEP SEVEN: Once you've finished your challenge questions and clicked the Next button, you will see a review of the information you created so now you need to scroll down and click on the Next button to complete the process.
STEP EIGHT: Congratulations you have completed the online banking set up. Click on the Overview tab to view your accounts. The Overview screen is where you will go when you first log on from this point on.

Log on to Online Banking.

Follow the link below to begin accesing your accounts. If you didn't get a PIN from the Credit Union, please contact us first so we can set you up.

Log on HERE »